Team Building


Team Building refers to a complex and particular activity grounded in psychology which is used to improve team performance. Through the realization of a common objective, each participants feels a part of the company he/she works for, not just a spectator. This activity allows us to discover a new world of work which is based on teamwork and not on hierarchical and authoritarian principles. Participants have the opportunity to interact with each other, to share their feelings and emotions, to build a team and to work together to overcome difficulties in order to obtain the common objective. All the participants will be protagonists and have a role in the team, as well as every employee/collaborator or customer is important in the growth of the company in real world.

Our society can organize different team building activities with the support of qualified professionals, from the exploration of natural environments (using important survival techniques such as the sense of direction, the overcoming of obstacles, river crossing) to cookery activities (cookery courses, pizza schools), from the realization of Ĺpieces of art' (pictures and sand or ice sculptures) to the organization of commercials linked to the belonging sector of the company. The team building activity is always carried out following the objectives fixed by the company and focused on the participants' target.

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